It’s important to know that behaviour issues, depression, anxiety and many other symptoms associated with dementia can be alleviated when your loved one takes part in a balanced programme filled with enjoyable activities at their dementia care home. With this in mind, Livewell runs a daily programme that is filled with person-centred activities and outings.

Livewell, a dementia care home in Somerset West and Bryanston, has a pioneering approach that focuses on creating an environment that encourages the continuation of personal exploration of a person living with dementia rather than their decline. The philosophy maintains that taking care of plants and animals and interacting with other adults promotes a positive lifestyle, which in turn enables your loved one to live a happier, fulfilled and healthier life.

The tranquil gardens of our dementia care home, and our spacious and sunny living rooms, provide the perfect platform for our diverse and stimulating activities programme. With a wide range of activities, Livewell offers a variety of choices to the individual, from music and crafts to sports, board games, library visits and outings.

On admission, each resident and their family is interviewed by an occupational therapist to develop their personal activities programme. Each individual’s history around their work life and needs with regard to self-care, leisure and rest are evaluated and incorporated into their timetable. Our companions are specially trained individuals who assist your family member with these activities. They form friendships woven around best-loved activities and are an indispensable part of providing skilled care and warmth for the daily life of our residents.

If you are looking for a dementia care home for your loved one, please contact Livewell Estates.