Livewell with Personalised Services

The following costs and services are included in our monthly levy:

Personalised care and medication management

• 24-hour nursing care (including Nurse on duty and Care Providers).

• Care Provider alongside Resident’s bed if hospitalised.

• On-going Care Plan.

• Daily administration, management and dispensing of medication and script management.

• Daily health monitoring of the Resident.

• On-going assessment to provide appropriate care, whilst promoting mobility and independence.

• On-going weight monitoring and management.

• Assistance with bathing and dressing of the Resident.

• Transport to hospital or medical appointments within a 10km radius from the Livewell Estate.

• Basic personal grooming (hair cutting, nail clipping, polish and shaving).

• Inspection of feet and general foot hygiene.

Occupational Therapy and Quality of Life

• On-going assessment and checking of the Resident’s personal range of clothing (cleanliness, fit and variety).

• Scheduled outings and entertainment as arranged by Livewell with Companions and supervision.

• Specialised therapy developed by the Livewell Occupational Therapist.

• Continued assessments of the Resident by our Occupational Therapist.

• Continued evaluation of the Resident’s personal activity program with on-going social contact assessments.

• Best practice in nursing and memory care by our specialised staff.

• Over 30 activities are available for our Residents to participate in (e.g.: music therapy, arts and crafts and dancing).

• Pet care (excluding food, medication, grooming and vet visits).

• Salon services.

Facility & suites (rental) and nutrition

• 3 nutritious meals per day.

• Serving of snacks and refreshments (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice).

• Television (limited bouquet of channels available in rooms and common areas).

• Facilitating of special celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, visits from family and friends).

• Domestic cleaning and servicing of all private suites.

• Housekeeping duties of all common areas and ablutions.

• Laundry services.

• All utility costs included (including water, electricity, refuse removal, rates and taxes).

• Waste removal and pest control.

• 24-hour security at the Estate, including a 24-hour emergency/nursing call unit.

• Full use and access to all the facilities and gardens at the Livewell Estate (suites, living areas, dining areas,
salon, gardens).

• Installed lifts.

• Access controlled environment.

• 24/7 CCTV cameras installed across facility.

• Fully furnished suites and common areas.

The following costs and services are EXCLUDED from the monthly levy and will be payable by the client:

• Insurance premiums for insuring the personal property of the Resident.

• The costs of any medication dispensed, blister packaging, injections, medical consumables, tests taken or
treatment given to the Resident at Livewell Estate.

• The costs of any medicine, treatment, tests, fees or charges levied in connection with the hospitalization of the
Resident, and any medical aid costs incurred by the Resident.

• The cost of any medical practitioners (excluding the carers, nurses and Occupational Therapist employed by
Livewell) attending to the Resident, at Livewell Estate or at consulting rooms of the practitioners.

• The cost of personal toiletries (including incontinence wear if applicable).

• Beautifying or spa treatment services, e.g. hair colour, foils, facials, massages, waxing, are for the Resident’s account.

• The cost of a Livewell employee accompanying a Resident on a private excursion or family visit.

• All transportation costs to personal appointments outside of Livewell’s official facilities  i.e.:

– gym, cinema, dinners, social clubs, plays, holidays, overseas trips, overseas family visits and any other visits which fall within such definition).

Livewell Bryanston Estate

A beautiful lodge-like residence set within manicured lawns and large trees in a safe and secure environment in a quiet residential nook in Bryanston.

Livewell Somerset West Estate

A beautiful residence set in large secure tree-lined grounds in a quiet cul-de-sac close to the center of Somerset West.