Finding long-term care for a person living with dementia

Individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s typically require a more advanced level of care, known as long-term dementia care as the disease progresses. Because their needs exceed what their family can reasonably provide in terms of healthcare, medical, cognitive stimulation, safety and so forth, most families seek out specialised dementia care facilities such as Livewell Villages.

What does good long-term dementia care look like?

Choosing the right place for your loved one is a big decision and it’s hard to know where to begin. We understand that this decision is an emotional one as feelings of guilt, confusion and sadness are involved. Moving your loved one to a specialised dementia care facility may be the best thing to do. It will give you greater peace of mind knowing that he or she is safe and receiving the best care possible. Besides healthcare, cognitive stimulation is exceptionally important for those living with dementia and when your loved one is cared for at home, this area may start lacking. It is imperative for the person with dementia to be stimulated with appropriate activities, outings and creative endeavours, as these can assist in preventing them from becoming frustrated, lonely and depressed. Personalised dementia support can furthermore assist in supporting the individual’s memory, keep them engaged within the family and community for as long as possible, and meaningfully improve quality of life.


When providing long-term dementia care to our residents, our Occupational Therapists begin by customising a personalised activities program for them upon admission. The activities that are made available at Livewell are carefully planned and are designed to be therapeutic for residents. These activities assists with general dementia care therapy and supports the individual by aiming to reduce cognitive decline where possible, including frustration, agitation and more. They include, among a number of others, arts and crafts, stories and poetry, gardening, outings, music and movement sessions, puzzles and board games, baking, and group and animal therapy sessions.

Financially planning for long-term dementia care

Planning ahead for long-term care expenses is one of the most important steps you can take, as long-term dementia and Alzheimer’s care can start adding up. In planning for long-term dementia care, consider all the costs you might face now and in the future. Keep in mind that dementia is a progressive disease, so the type and level of care a person needs will change over time. Whilst you may have the best intentions for your loved one and believe home-based care is the solution, in the long run, it may prove challenging – both financially and emotionally. (Further reading: Planning for your future: Have you considered the possibility of dementia?)


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