When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it can be a difficult and confusing time for their family. There are many different types of dementia and many different dementia care home options available. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on one option: specialised dementia care homes.

Dementia care homes are purpose-built residences that provide 24-hour care for people with dementia. They typically have small numbers of residents and a high staff-to-resident ratio. This allows staff to provide individualized attention and care. Dementia care homes also offer recreation and social activities specifically designed for people with dementia. These activities help to stimulate the mind and keep residents engaged. When going through your list of options, make sure you look out for those specific features.

Advantages of Dementia Care Homes

One of the biggest advantages of dementia care homes is that they can provide a higher level of care than most families could provide on their own. Dementia care homes have specially trained staff who are equipped to deal with the challenges that come with caring for someone with dementia. Another advantage of dementia care homes is that they can provide socialization opportunities for residents. Dementia can be isolating, but being around other people going through similar experiences can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. Livewell includes a wide variety of specialised care options at our Estate in Somerset West and Bryanston.

Finally, dementia care homes can offer peace of mind to families who might otherwise feel guilty or anxious about not being able to provide the level of care their loved one needs. When their loved one’s disease has progressed, they may feel their home-care options is limitless. If you are looking for specialised dementia care homes in Somerset West or Bryanston, then we encourage you to contact our team.

What are my dementia care options?

When choosing a dementia care option for your loved one, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best option will depend on the individual needs of the person with dementia and their family’s preferences and situation. If you’re considering a dementia care home for your loved one, take the time to research different facilities in your area and ask plenty of questions to make sure it’s the right fit for your family. It’s important to ensure this is a specialised dementia care home that focuses on the following:

  • Hygiene
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Cognitive
  • Exercise
  • Social Interaction
  • Medication Administration.