This is probably a question you may have asked yourself many times if your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia or is progressing with the illness. There are a few options available to you for caring for your loved one, such as home care with yourself as the main carer, a full-time or live-in carer at home, or a dementia care facility. The decision is not one that anyone takes lightly, as there is a lot of emotion that is involved before even getting to the nitty gritty of considering the time, dedication, and costs involved. All you want is the best for your loved one, and to know that you’ve done your research before making a decision as a family.

There are a lot of factors that you will need to take into consideration, and laying them out will help you decide what is best for your loved one and your family. Many families struggle with the decision of whether it is better to care for their loved one themselves or have them cared for in a dementia care facility, such as Livewell Villages.

We’ve put together some comparisons of caring for your loved one at home or in a dementia care facility that will help you feel more informed and confident about your decision.

Health and safety

Looking after someone who is living with dementia requires round-the-clock care, and if you’re not trained in healthcare you may not easily identify symptoms that might require seeing a healthcare specialist. Private homes are also not equipped to handle medical emergencies, and are often at the mercy of waiting on ambulances. At Livewell Villages, the nursing team are available to residents 24/7 and are highly trained. We are also equipped to handle certain medical emergencies, along with having an emergency alert system and CCTV security cameras.

Body and mind

Caring for someone with dementia is not all about their medical health, it is also about stimulating their mind and keeping their body as fit as possible. As their illness progresses, it becomes more and more crucial that your loved one with dementia receives the appropriate socialisation and exercise in an environment that fosters their independence. It is also important that they are nourished and hydrated properly throughout the day.

These are incredibly challenging to provide for and monitor at home every single day, especially when your loved one struggles to remember whether they’ve eaten or drunk enough water. Loved ones also tend to get bored and lonely at home without the company of others and being encouraged to participate in different enrichment activities.

At Livewell Villages we have created an environment that empowers the person with dementia by giving them autonomy. Each individual is assessed and our healthcare and Quality of Life leaders will create and customise an individual activities plan based on the person’s abilities and interests. To encourage freedom of movement and offer the best therapies for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia, we’ve incorporated several secured outdoor spaces where residents and their families can connect with and enjoy nature year-round. Our freedom of movement policy ensures that our residents enjoy the safest and highest quality of life.

Our residents food and water intake is monitored closely, and they are provided with highly nutritious meals. Since the environment houses many residents, there is the opportunity for spontaneous socialisation within the community while sharing meals or participating in activities together.


Making the decision

It is a difficult and emotional decision to make, and it also requires the whole family to be on board with the decision. Looking after someone with dementia full-time is incredibly difficult, especially if you have a family, job and life of your own. When you do make your decision about what is best for your loved one, also make sure that it’s the best decision for your well-being as well.

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