Taking care of a loved one living with dementia is a tremendous responsibility, and often one without respite. Which is why it is so important to make use of the support systems and programmes out there that allow for a much needed break. The festive season can be a busy and emotional time for you and your family, and you may have feelings of guilt because you are not able to bring your loved one along on your holiday or that they are not able to fully participate in the festivities due to their memory impairments.

It is understandable that you want what is best for your loved one with dementia, but if that means that you are left feeling worn out due to not taking a break then you will not have the energy you actually need to continue giving the best care possible.

There are ways to get much needed help to avoid getting to this breaking point; programs and support groups will enable you to unload a bit of your stress and get the support you need as well as find the right program for respite care for you and your loved one.


Day and holiday care for loved ones with dementia

Many caregivers prolong taking a break due to their own unrealistic expectations of themselves or their immense guilt at leaving the care of their loved one to someone else.  Unfortunately, many caregivers are not even aware of respite care as an option.

Providing the appropriate cognitive stimulation for your loved one’s level of diagnosis can be extremely challenging to do at home. Which is why it is so important to ensure that you find specialised dementia care facilities or programs that can cater for their specific needs. Cognitive stimulating activities are vital to your loved ones progress as well as their quality of life.

The Livewell Respite Care program provides people with dementia the opportunity to be well taken care of and to participate in activities in a safe environment during the day. With over 30 daily activities and exercise programs to choose from as well as nutritious meals and snacks prepared by nutritional experts, you will be able to relax in knowing your loved one is being properly taken care of by a dedicated dementia care team in an appropriately equipped care facility.


Is a disruption like this safe for someone with dementia?

It is common for carers to fear that the disruption of a new environment and unfamiliarity will cause anxiety for their loved ones, which is why at Livewell Villages special care is taken to introduce and orientate new visitors to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible. The daily programs ensure they are provided with structure to their day and week; this is also why we often recommend they attend respite care regularly so that it forms part of their routine.

Every individual is assessed by our professional staff so that their unique needs and requirements are met during their stay, we also provide the families or carers with detailed feedback on their loved one’s participation and progress during their stay.

There are some families or carers that would like to transition their loved ones from in-home care to full-time care at a facility who find short-term care programs like these the ideal way of introducing the idea to their loved one.


Caregivers need support too

As a carer, having somewhere you can share your experiences with people who appreciate what you are going through is often helpful. For some people, it can be useful to share how they feel about the prospect of respite care, and it also provides an opportunity to ask specific questions about their situation. Not only can this reduce feelings of anxiety or guilt, it can also help carers to feel less alone in what they are going through.

If you would like to find out more about our dementia daycare offering this festive season, please contact our villages.

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