Families with loved ones affected by dementia understand how challenging it can be to look after them and provide the support that they need. All loved ones have the best intentions and that is to take care of their parents regardless of anything but sometimes certain medical conditions require expert care and assistance. As a person ages, their needs and roles change, at times they struggle to keep up with the demands of mainstream society and this can actually cause more anxiety and disappointment for them, placing them in a care facility can help decrease this anxiety. At times family members can be so burnt out as the primary care providers for our loved ones with dementia that it is impossible to provide the quality of care that they need. It is because of this reason that finding the best support for your loved ones with dementia is so important.

People living with dementia need full time support and care and this can be provided at a care facility which aims to fulfil all needs, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. At Livewell we aspire to be better, more detailed orientated, proactive and effective in our offering of quality nursing care to people living with dementia. Placing them at the centre of everything we do, the Quality of Life Leader, family and care provider have the most immediate impact on a person’s life. The Quality of Life Leader leads the Quality of Life team, who ensures that everyone receives quality-nursing care.

For many of our families, the decision to send their parents to a care facility is always a tough and emotional one to make. Once their loved one is placed in our care however, families are always left feeling positive and reassured. “I believe that it would be better for our mum to be in a lovely environment like Livewell where she feels at home” says Bill Ashwell. The Livewell support group equip families, spouses and care providers with ways to sustain themselves when they face difficulty or when a spouse is diagnosed with dementia. “Sometimes all that a participant in the group needs is for someone to listen,” says Susan Swanepoel, Quality of Life manager at Livewell Village, Somerset West.

“The support group will help you deal with the harsh realities associated with the care your mom or dad needs,” says Susan. “It provides a non-judgemental environment where participants will discover they’re not alone.”