Families with loved ones affected by dementia understand how challenging it can be to look after them and provide the support that they need. All loved ones have the best intentions: to take care of their parents regardless of anything, but sometimes certain medical conditions require expert dementia care and assistance. As a person ages, their needs and roles change. They struggle to keep up with mainstream society’s demands, which can cause more anxiety and disappointment for them. Placing them in a dementia care facility can help decrease this anxiety. Family members can sometimes be so burnt out as the primary care providers for their loved ones with dementia that it is impossible to provide the quality of care they need. This is why finding the best support for people with dementia is so important.

Livewell Estates is a dementia care facility in South Africa. Apart from our full-time dementia care service offering, we provide monthly support groups to the general public. The Livewell support group equip families, spouses and care providers with ways to sustain themselves when they face difficulty or when a spouse is diagnosed with dementia. “Sometimes all that a participant in the group needs is for someone to listen,” says Susan Swanepoel, Operations manager at Livewell Estates, Somerset West, South Africa.

Our support groups are currently taking place on the first Friday of the month at our Somerset West dementia care facility. Please visit our events page for up-to-date information and to reserve a spot.

Dementia Care Options in South Africa

Livewell Estates are a specialist family of dementia and Alzheimer’s care facilities based in Gauteng and Western Cape provinces. Livewell specialises in personalised and tailored dementia and Alzheimer’s care which is informed by the latest advances and research in the field of memory diseases and disorders. With this focus and devotion to dignity and quality of life for those suffering from these particular mental degenerative diseases, Livewell has been committed to providing the very best care and support for countless residents and their loved ones over the past decade within South Africa and beyond.