Spring is finally here, and that means warmer weather has begun! Let’s hope it’s here to stay! After a cold winter, a spring celebration is almost necessary. During the colder days, those living with dementia are often kept indoors. The warmer weather brings more opportunities for them to explore the outdoors and engage in new activities again. Here are some fun ways to welcome the new season with your loved ones living with dementia:


Flower Arranging

We are thrilled to see the blossoming of new flowers and plants in our gardens. Flower arranging is a popular activity at Livewell and many of our residents look forward to this very much. Not only is it entertaining but a study conducted by Harvard university proved that is has a few other positive effects. Negative feelings, such as anxiety, worrying, and sadness are decreased after being in a home with flowers and living with fresh cut flowers can increase energy, happiness, and enthusiasm at work.



Letting your loved one spend time in the garden is very therapeutic. Not only does gardening help alleviate stress, it also provides the body with good vitamins from the outdoors and promotes exercise and blood flow. Did you know the increase in physical activity associated with gardening has been shown to decrease risks for dementia.


Feed the birds

Take your loved one on an outing to feed the birds or ducks at a nearby pond / lake / dam. Being outdoors will help improve their mood and wellbeing. If the person you’re caring for is able to walk then this activity will also provide good exercise too.


Spring Cleaning

Whilst your loved one may not be able to do any heavy lifting, they might still be able to do very simple tasks around the house. Dusting and straightening objects, even folding laundry, can be soothing tasks for people with low focus and restless energy.  Everyone needs a sense of purpose and to know they can contribute.


These are just a few ways to embrace the warmer weather and the benefits that come with spring. Have we left anything out from our springtime activities list? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments below.