Living with dementia can be a difficult experience, and for those who require long-term care, it can be especially challenging. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to improve the quality of life for dementia patients in long-term care dementia facilities. From providing ample social activities to creating a comfortable atmosphere, here are five ways long-term dementia care facilities can make life easier and more enjoyable for their residents.

Maintaining Independence – One way to improve the quality of life in a long-term dementia care facility is to ensure that residents feel as independent as possible. This means allowing them to make decisions on their own when they are able to do so and giving them access to activities that will help them maintain their sense of autonomy. For example, if a resident enjoys painting or gardening, providing materials and equipment for these activities will help them stay creative and engaged.

Personalised Dementia Care – Personalised dementia care is key when it comes to making sure dementia patients have an optimal quality of life. This means getting to know each resident’s likes and dislikes and tailoring the services offered accordingly. It also means encouraging family involvement whenever possible by inviting visitors into the long-term facility or setting up video calls with relatives who live far away.

Stimulating Activities – Keeping residents engaged is essential in any long-term care facility, but especially so for those with dementia. Providing stimulating activities such as music therapy, art classes, cooking projects, and outdoor excursions can help keep residents active while providing mental stimulation at the same time. These activities should also be tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences in order to maximize their enjoyment and engagement.

A Comfortable Environment – Creating a comfortable environment within the facility is also important when it comes to improving quality of life for dementia patients. This means making sure rooms are well lit with natural sunlight whenever possible; providing plenty of comfortable seating areas; having engaging decorations that stimulate conversation; offering comforting smells such as flowers or baking bread; playing calming music; and ensuring all spaces are clean and organized at all times.

Trained Staff – Finally, having knowledgeable staff members is essential in any long-term dementia care facility if you want your residents to receive quality care. All staff should be trained on how best to interact with those living with dementia so they can provide compassionate support during difficult moments while still respecting each resident’s autonomy as much as possible.

Long-term Care at Livewell – Specialised Dementia Care Facility

Living with dementia can be challenging for both individuals affected by the condition as well as their families, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality of life entirely. By taking steps such as maintaining independence, providing personalized care, offering stimulating activities, creating a comfortable environment, and having trained staff members on hand at all times, long-term dementia care facilities can make sure their residents enjoy the best possible quality of life while receiving necessary support services at the same time.

If you’re considering long-term dementia care for your loved one, our specialised care facility is worth considering. To learn more about specialised care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s, don’t hesitate to contact Livewell.