Livewell recently hosted our long awaited and anticipated dementia conference. This year’s conference was focused on providing a variety of post diagnostic support to families to main care givers. “Our aim, from the start, was to present a conference that was academically sound and based on a tried and tested care model but to also strike the balance between equipping attendees with the necessary know-how:” say Livewell Occupational Therapist, Lou Ann Van Heerden.

Attendees were welcomed to a demarcated parking area and treated to morning coffee whilst registration took place and people had an opportunity to look around and make themselves comfortable. Goody bags were placed on each conference chair and all delegates were treated to tea and a delicate finger lunch as the day unfolded.

Brian Bartlett acted as Master of Ceremonies and set the tone for a fun morning as all attendees were requested to extend a warm “hello” to those around them. “It was the realisation that families, industry partners and stakeholders consider Livewell to be a leader in the field of dementia care and the we need to share our lessons and information, that lead to hosting this conference” said Livewell CEO, Ivan Oosthuizen in his opening address.

Some of the topics of the conference included:

  • Importance of Specific Diagnoses and Exploring Medication
  • Diabetes Type 3 – What is it?
  • The Role of Nature in Dementia Care
  • Legal Challenges and Future Decision Making in Dementia Care
  • Financial Planning
  • Psychological Support

The conference ended off with delegates being given an opportunity to view some of the available suites and several groups were taken around the Livewell premises and shown around the Somerset West village. Marketing material with helpful information was readily available and delegates left feeling equipped with a host of new and helpful information. One delegate stated in a follow up email that “The service, food, venue and the speakers were absolutely awesome. I’ve never attended such a well-planned conference. Your facility is one of the best and it was a pleasure to be here”.

Livewell would like to thank all attendees, delegates and families who took the time to come and enjoy the morning with us and who helped make the conference the success story it have become.  A DVD copy of the conference will be available in due course. Please contact our Somerset West office on 021 851 6886 for more detail.

Watch the highlights from the event