Finding long-term care for a dementia patient can be a daunting and overwhelming task. It’s critical to understand and carefully assess long-term care options if you’re caring for a family member with the condition. In the early stages of the condition, many families are able to care for them, but as the disease progresses, the obstacles begin to increase. Many families automatically think of a nursing home or a day or full-time nurse, but many are unaware that there is a better option available. 

Specialised care options for people with dementia

People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease need specialized care and treatment, which is simply not accessible at a typical retirement home to the level that they will require it. Dementia therapy necessitates specialised dementia care workers as well as activities targeted to people suffering from cognitive loss. Even the physical architecture of living surroundings must be carefully planned with dementia patients in mind so that they do not become lost, confused, or find themselves in a hazardous situation.

The issue with dementia patients receiving home care is that their requirements begin to outstrip what their family or a home care nurse can give in terms of healthcare, medical treatment, cognitive stimulation, and safety. Nursing homes provide excellent care for the elderly as well as end-of-life care, but they are not equipped to handle memory disorders and are thus unsuitable for long-term dementia care.


Benefits of choosing a dementia care facility

  • Your loved one will require round-the-clock specialized dementia care, which can only be provided in private memory care facilities. While you might have work or other commitments, chances are your loved one may need your help throughout the day. 
  • It can be challenging to keep your loved one stimulated throughout the day without burning out or repeating a narrow set of activities since it is more straightforward or the only choice available while caring for them yourself or with a live-in nurse. At a dementia care facility, a daily activity schedule will be implemented and planned outings. Residents can participate in different activities designed to stimulate their social, sensory, cognitive, artistic, and physical abilities. 
  • Someone with dementia is more likely to forget to take their medicine regularly, and they also face the risk of unintentionally overdosing or underdosing, which may be deadly. Medication management will be provided at a private memory care facility to ensure that your loved one receives the correct dose each day. 
  • If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, you’ll require the kind of training that carers at specialist dementia private care homes receive. In a dementia-care facility, all caregivers should be appropriately certified and have received particular dementia and memory care training.


Here are some questions to ask when finding a long term care facility for a dementia patient

  • Is there a way to keep track of each resident’s specific care plans? 
  • What kind of dementia-related training does the personnel have? 
  • What is the ratio of personnel to residents? 
  • Is there a doctor on call that works regular hours at the facility? 
  • How does a resident obtain medical care? 
  • Will staff make arrangements for outside medical appointments?
  • Is there any specific help for people who have trouble eating? 
  • Is there a set of hours for visits and family, and if so, what are they? 
  • Is the facility safe for residents who wander off? 
  • What happens if a resident goes into another resident’s room? 
  • Is there a family members’ support group? 
  • What facilities are available to residents?
  • What stimulating activities does the facility provide? 

A specialized dementia care facility with access to an expert team of neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, physicians, and individual dementia caregivers is the ideal setting for someone with dementia. Livewell Estates is a South African dementia and Alzheimer’s facility with experienced and trained nursing and care personnel that provide round-the-clock long term dementia care to our patients. At Livewell, we strive to provide our residents with the most outstanding possible quality of life via various expertly developed specialized care programs and activities tailored to their specific requirements. Our specially designed long term dementia care facilities combine multiple activities, committed companions, world-class care, and luxury private residences to provide a dignified and satisfying way of life for all of our dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Please contact us if you require further information.