When is the right time to move your loved one into a care facility? This is a question asked by so many families before visiting us at Livewell. If your loved one is living with dementia and you are struggling with the decision as to whether it is better to care for them at home or to place them in a dementia care facility, we know that it is a difficult and emotional decision for you. But we can assure you that it may be detrimental to their health and wellness if you wait too long to make this decision.

There is so much guilt placed on families who have to decide to move their loved ones into a facility. They struggle with emotions of abandonment, sadness and loss but fail to understand that they are missing out on their loved one’s final days because they may have waited too long. Choosing the right facility is also of utmost importance. At Livewell, our residents can choose their style of room and decorate it however they wish, these little touches ensures that the dementia care facility becomes their home away from home.

If your loved one has dementia, the chances of you being able to adequately take care of their physical and mental needs are very slim. Their quality of life can be immensely improved at a leading dementia care facility such a Livewell. We focus on better nutrition, medication management, stimulating events and therapies all in a warm, loving and therapeutic environment. We can immediately start slowing down the progression which means more and longer time with your loved one. Our biggest piece of advice to families is to try your utmost to let go of the guilt by moving your loved one into a dementia care facility. If this is something you are struggling with then please join our support groups which are hosted 4 times a month and are free to attend.

We have put together some comparisons of taking care of your loved one at home vs. at a facility that will help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones, which we hope will put your mind at rest.

Our mission at Livewell is to provide the best service, care and match for you and your family. At Livewell, our highest commitment is to the individual. We combine specialised care with warmth and a luxurious environment, and we adhere to regularly monitored global best practices. The result is a community that encourages dignity and meaningfulness in the lives of our memory-care residents. We offer various monthly support groups for families who have loved ones living with dementia. These support groups provide a safe environment to ask questions, share experiences and learn more about dementia. We encourage families to lean on the Livewell team for support and strength. If you would like to find out more about our villages in Somerset West or Bryanston, get in touch with our team today.