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Tackling 7 challenges and solutions for living with dementia in Winter

Winter is fast approaching in the Cape and we have already started seeing the effects thereof at Livewell...
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The Luxury that our Bryanston Village has to Offer

Quality of Life for our residents whilst providing world class dementia care has always been the priority for...
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Living with dementia in the Winter months

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes a few new challenges. In the winter, getting outside and...
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Don’t wait until it’s too late

When is the right time to move your loved one into a care facility? This is a question...
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Food challenges associated with dementia

At Livewell we look holistically and individually at every resident’s eating needs, weight and nutrition. Take a look...
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The launch of our Bryanston village was a great successful and definitely a memorable event

Our goal was to give the public a taste of what The Livewell Group is about – namely,...
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Visual perception challenges associated with dementia

Seeing is a complicated process that involves many different stages. Information is transmitted from your eyes to your...
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Financial and Legal Challenges faced when caring for someone with Dementia

As with all life-changing events, when a person is diagnosed with dementia there are many factors to consider...
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How can companion care help someone with dementia?

For those with mild symptoms of dementia, having someone visit who can help out with odd jobs around...
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5 Stimulating activities for those living with dementia

It’s important to know that behaviour issues, depression, anxiety and many other symptoms associated with dementia can be...
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Arrive as family, live with dignity and purpose.

Since 2011, the Livewell Group has been at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s care in South Africa. We are motivated by a personal and heartfelt concern for the dignity and care of our elders and our efforts continue to be encouraged by the strong market need for specialised individual care.

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