“…it’ s how I would want my own ouma or oupa to be cared for.”

Maritza Muller,

Head of Healthcare

As head of healthcare, I help and work closely with the nursing staff who so are obviously vital in taking care of our residents.

I love working with the residents and the families. I enjoy seeing things improve with them and that they feel better about the situation. I enjoy seeing that I am making a difference, especially with the families. it’s a very emotional situation and these are their loved ones, so they just want the best for them. The way I see it, it’ s how I would want my ouma or oupa to be cared for. So I feel we have an incredible responsibility to take good care of the residents. I always try and help with the feedback for the families. We try to communicate with them as much as possible so that they can walk with us through this journey every step of the way.

This is such a serious disease and I always feel it’s better to laugh than to cry most of the time. I could write a book just on the more humorous things I’ve seen here.

As a person, a place like Livewell changes you.  One views life in a different light. Usually one views your life in terms of your own family, your own environment, and you grow up in your own cocoon. But the more people you interact with, the more you realise how many people are in need of love, in need of a gentle hand to hold.