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Do you understand the different stages of dementia?

The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving,...
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Support for people with advanced dementia through positive communication

“I’m waiting for my parents to come and visit me, I’m sure they’ll be here soon,” says a...
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My mother’s dementia by Alice Ashwell

Alice Ashwell is a life coach, educator and facilitator, who offers individual and group coaching, Nature connection experiences,...
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Why visit your parent with dementia when they don’t remember you

Visiting your loved ones who are living with dementia, especially in a long term dementia care facility, can...
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Easter Activities For Those Living With Dementia

If you’re spending Easter with a loved one who has dementia, there are plenty ways make sure you...
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The dangers of driving when diagnosed with dementia

Driving has become a routine part in adult life for many people; it is a symbol of independence....
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How learning a third language can impact the development of dementia

Dementia is a complex topic as it affects each person differently. When many people hear the term dementia,...
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Pathways of communication

It is often found that communication falls to the wayside when a person is diagnosed with Dementia. Expressing...
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Families need not face their loved one’s dementia alone

With approximately one-in-six people over the age of 85 developing a condition associated with dementia, and increasing numbers...
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The lessons my mother’s dementia has taught me

Watching your parent develop dementia is a very heartbreaking moment and an incredibly hard thing to face as...
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Arrive as family, live with dignity and purpose.

Since 2011, the Livewell Group has been at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s care in South Africa. We are motivated by a personal and heartfelt concern for the dignity and care of our elders and our efforts continue to be encouraged by the strong market need for specialised individual care.

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