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Personal Hygiene and Dementia: Tips for Caregivers

As the illness progresses, a person living with dementia will start to find simple tasks challenging such as...
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The importance of classical music and dementia

Music has always been an integral part in the holistic treatment of patients with a wide variety of...
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How to care for aging parents when living abroad

The festive season brings families together from all over the world, this includes family members that live abroad...
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Keeping family ties strong when an elderly relative is in residential care

Many people associate elderly residential care facilities with a disconnect from family life, both for their elderly relative...
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How to prepare for a dementia friendly Christmas

Christmas is a time to gather with family and friends and to enjoy wonderful meals together – something...
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Is home care the best option for your loved one living with dementia?

This is probably a question you may have asked yourself many times if your loved one has been...
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What causes incontinence in dementia and how to manage it

When caring for your loved one with dementia it can be a traumatic experience when they start becoming...
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Planning for your future: Have you considered the possibility of dementia?

With nearly 10 million new cases of dementia diagnosed globally each year1, planning for the possibility of developing...
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How taking a break can benefit both the caregiver and loved one living with dementia

Taking care of a loved one living with dementia is a tremendous responsibility, and often one without respite....
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Understanding the difference between short term and long term memory loss

Have you ever wondered why your loved one with dementia can remember something that happened to them decades...
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Since 2011, the Livewell Group has been at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s care in South Africa. We are motivated by a personal and heartfelt concern for the dignity and care of our elders and our efforts continue to be encouraged by the strong market need for specialised individual care.

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