I just want to give you my incredibly positive feedback about the service and quality of life that you have been providing to my mother. It is really amazing for us to already see such a big difference in her, after such a short period of time. Your team has truly exceeded our expectations (you are worth every cent and more!).

We are sincerely thankful that you have crossed our path, and from the bottom of my heart I hope you can help everyone in the same situation as my mother…

Thank you so much.



Thank you for the open communication regarding the issue of day and night carers looking after Mom. The fact that we know that an approved, reliable carer is constantly looking after Mom’s needs, gives us great peace of mind. The limited exchange of carers definitely has a calming effect on Mom!

We thank you for the way in which you are accessible for the carers who know they can approach you if there are problems. Their job satisfaction makes them happy and in turn, has a positive influence on Mom’s emotions.

R. Cloete


Thank you so much for everything. As usual I just don’t know how to thank you and the Livewell team. I have been watching Mom absolutely blossom since she moved to Livewell. Her world and confidence constantly growing! The change has been absolutely amazing and wonderful beyond words! Well Maritza, I don’t know if you have watched any of those corny Austin Powers movies … but I think between Mom, yourself, the Livewell team and of course Gen Smile… Mom has got her ‘mojo’ back!!

J. James


I would like to extend a massive and very heartfelt thank you and the Livewell team for the extraordinary support, both logistical and emotional that you have provided to my Mum and our family this week. You have all been wonderful, professional and very caring since my Mum fell and fractured her hip. We will be in contact with all of you in the coming days but I feel that it is important that we acknowledge our extreme gratitude and appreciation to you all, today.

I. Merrington

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