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Visagie Vos Attorneys

VisagieVos celebrates 30 years of excellence in Legal service to their clients. They have established a tradition of loyalty to their clients and an involvement in the community since 1986. With 14 attorneys and candidate attorneys and more than 45 support staff members in the Goodwood office in the Western Cape they provide a quality service to their clients, contributing to their private lives and success of their businesses.

In order to look after the interests of their clients, Visagie Vos as attorneys need to provide efficient and cost effective services and in striving to deliver legal services of the highest standard and excellence, they rely on competent and trained staff and the latest computer technology.


Alice Ashwell PhD, Heart of Nature Coaching

Finding hope and courage for the dementia journey

Alice offers life coaching support for the loved ones and carers of people living with dementia. She draws on her own experience of her mother’s 15-year dementia journey, as well as her research into person-centred dementia care. Alice’s mother Elizabeth was a resident of Livewell Suites in Somerset West during her last four years.

Alice offers coaching sessions and workshops that provide:

  • A safe space in which to be heard and encouraged
  • Techniques to help you manage your emotions and find calm
  • Skills to help you communicate with people who are living with dementia
  • Activity ideas that honour and affirm your loved one
  • Opportunities to share stories of hope, courage, wisdom and love.

082 720 7444 | |

Rose Polkey, Coach and Counsellor

Through her experience of dementia in those close to her and by working with experts in the field, Rose has collected a wealth of information on best practice and the encouraging emerging evidence on dementia management. Combined with her experience as a coach and counsellor, she has created a process that will support you through the arrival of dementia in someone close to you.

  • Rose is a consultant and facilitator with 17 years’ experience in personal growth and healing work.
  • Her work has created a following of people who are interested in finding constructive and effective ways to move forward and succeed and to make progress in challenging times.
  • Rose is a natural optimist and believes strongly that a working from a positive mind set any obstacle can be overcome.
  • She has twice found herself in the role of the carer and as a result has both personal and intellectual knowledge as well as skill to share.
  • She now focuses her skills and knowledge on the needs of the carer in the dementia crisis, finding strategies to manage loved ones and the change that dementia brings to families.
  • She is available for group facilitation, one on one consultation and talks.
  • She is also available for training family carers in managing persons with dementia. | | 083 400 2349

Emmie Jackson, Health Risk Assessor and Care Coordinator

Emmie Jackson provides home visits and care coordination for persons and their families with Psychiatric problems, dementia and frailty syndrome:

  • Clinical risk assessments.
  • Family meetings to facilitate planning of actions to address the patient’s care needs.
  • Access to and identifying available resources.
  • Facilitate referral and enhance communication between relevant providers.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Health education.
  • Strategic consultation to private practitioners for billing,  practice management and care pathways in facilities.
  • Caregiver training to reduce burnout and enhance care quality at home or in a long term facility.

Emmie Jackson | 083 600 2637 |

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